Adult Mom "Sometimes Bad Happens" Vinyl Re-Issue 28 May 2019

Today we are sharing a re-issue of Adult Mom's classic first EP "Sometimes Bad Happens." The EP is turning 5 years old this July so we thought we'd release it on vinyl for the first time! These are a limited one time pressing off 500 random colored vinyl with exclusive redrawn artwork and a t-shirt to match.

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1) I Think I'm Old Enough
2) Ode To One Night Stands
3) Paws
4) Route '59
5) I Make Boys Cry
6) Theme Song

Even though "Sometimes Bad Happens" stands early in the Adult Mom timeline, it continues to hold a special place with their listeners and contains some of the most iconic songs by the band. We've been friends for a while now and have worked on many schemes and projects together, even toured together; but this is the first time Lauren Records has had the pleasure of releasing something for them! We hope you like it, and if you are unfamiliar with the band it's the perfect time to give them a listen!

Out July 22nd, but all the records are here and will ship immediately. You can order the vinyl, shirt or stream the album here.

Add A Free Shirt To Your Order While Supplies Last! 21 May 2019

We've taken a bunch of stragglers out of our store. Random t-shirts that only had a couple in stock with various sizes. Until they are gone, you can add one to your order for FREE! This is a mix batch of sizes and style of bands and label tees. But it's a pretty safe gamble since it is free. If you choose to buy it alone without anything else all you have to do it pay shipping. **NOTE** THE FREE SHIRTS ARE SOLD OUT - Random Shirts are still available for $5!

Fishboy's Art Guards turns 2! 20 May 2019

Yesterday Fishboy's album Art Guards turned two! If you haven't heard this record yet, what better time than two years late? Get on it! We've also discounted the 2nd press translucent blue vinyl to $9 for the rest of the week! Stream it or purchase it at

All Rats Go To Heaven by Elton John Cena is out Today! 17 May 2019

Today, Elton John Cena released their fantastic new EP "All Rats Go To Heaven." Elton John Cena is the solo project of Avery Springer from the Chicago band Retirement Party (who if you haven't listened to, you really should). We're big fans of Avery and are honored to take part in releasing this EP for her. Please take 10 minutes of your day to stream it and if you like it, consider picking up a copy of the vinyl.


Elton John Cena "All Rats Go To Heaven" out May 17th! 8 May 2019

Very honored to be releasing "All Rats Go To Heaven" for Elton John Cena! The 4-song 7" playfully touches on the existential anxieties we all know and love. I'm a real fan of Avery's music and really think this EP is great! You can listen to the 4th song "Try" below and order the vinyl.

Elton John Cena - All Rats Go To Heaven
Out May 17th, 2019

1. Let's Learn Phonics!
2. Rat Poison
3. Beer Pong
4. Try

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Everything Lauren Records Spotify Playlist!! 17 April 2019

Made a new playlist that we'll keep updating as time moves on. Everything Lauren Records has one song from every (most) release of ours that's on Spotify! So far its 3.5 hours consisting of the earlier bands like Joyce Manor, AJJ, Japanther, Joyride!, Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra to the newer like R.L Kelly, Katie Ellen and Blowout! I'm eternally grateful of all of these bands for at one point trusting Lauren Records to release something for them! Everything on the playlist is in order from oldest to newest, it's kind of nice going through a brief history of the label.

Anyway, feel free to check out the play list and add it to your library here:

Real Life Buildings Share "Ohio and West" on Stereogum Today! 27 March 2019

Listen to Real Life Buildings third and final album, "Ohio and West," thanks to Stereogum. "Real Life Buildings have a brief-ish but storied history, a snapshot of a New York scene that is slowly fading and shifting into something new. Across three full-lengths, 2014’s It Snowed, 2017’s Significant Weather, and now Ohio And West, its revolving contingent members have included musicians that make music as Vagabon and Crying and Gabby’s World and Told Slant. They’ve also reconfigured elsewhere, making beautifully expansive songs as Act Of and raging hardcore as Closer.

The songs on Ohio And West are contemplative and rousing, knotty and hopeful. Van Asselt continues with his fixation on markers of time — seasons and rising water lines and life characterized by movement or the lack thereof. On its closing track, he sings: 'I could move to the woods and never go online/ Or I could stay in New York and never have the time/ Or I could find some way to balance everything that’s on my mind.'" - Stereogum

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R.L. Kelly "The Back Catalogue Vol. 421" 2nd Press! 25 March 2019

Pre-orders are up for the second run of R.L. Kelly's collection cassette. The first pressing sold out really fast and we're only doing another 100 on clear shells. "The Back Catalogue Vol. 421" has her 2013 Ep "Life's a Bummer" on side A and her split with Alex G and Spencer Radcliffe on side B. Check it out! Click the image to order or stream.