Blowout - 'No Beer, No Dad (Redux)' OUT NOW 10 January 2020

Blowout - No Beer, No Dad (Redux) STREAMING NOW


Blowout's re-mastered version of No Beer, No Dad is finally out. Re-mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated producer, Jack Shirley (Deafhaven, Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock), the group's 2016 debut has never sounded better. With extreme precision and clarity, the redux shows Blowout at their best. There's no better way to beat the mid-winter blues than by cracking a cold one and feeding off the group's never-ending energy. Try it for yourself. Don't forget to grab a "Sleepy Cat" shirt while they are still in stock, and get an instant download of the album for free.

Sleepy Cat

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Blowout is:

Laken Wright- bass,vox

Travis King- guitar

Brennan Facchino - guitar

Nick Everett- drums


Blowout - Guts Grown Up (Redux) 10 December 2019

Blowout is BACK and writing their next album! In the meantime, the group is releasing a remastered version of their iconic 2016 debut, No Beer, No Dad. While many have grown to love the fuzzy, lo-fi feeling of No Beer, No Dad, the redux shows the group at their best. Re-mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated producer, Jack Shirley, every note, every harmony, and every drum hit is pronounced imagitivily to give the record an entirely new feel for fans to fall in love with all over again. First single, "Guts, Grown Up (Redux)" is now streaming! The redux will officially be released on January 10th. New shirts are also available, and come with a free download to the single, and a pre-order to the album!

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Blowout is:

Laken Wright- bass,vox
Travis King- guitar
Brennan Facchino - guitar
Nick Everett- drums


'Some Kind of Cadwallader' 3rd Press on Root Beer Colored Vinyl + New Shirts 3 December 2019


It has already been an entire year since our re-issue of Algernon Cadwallader's studio albums! We are celebrating with a third pressing of Some Kind Of Cadwallader on a rich root beer colored vinyl. On top of that, we have three new shirt designs: Saguaro Flowers and a new take on the original shirt featuring red text on a white cotton tee, and white text on a black tee. Please note that the shirts are pre-order items and may not ship before Christmas. Don't worry, there are also still copies of Parrot Flies on translucent yellow vinyl and S/T on opaque red. Grab 'em now before they are gone forever.


Black Friday Sale 27 November 2019

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Stream Upset out today! 22 November 2019

Upset is a pop punk powerhouse from Los Angeles, CA featuring Ali Koehler (Vivian Girls), Patty Schemel (Hole), Lauren Freeman (Benny the Jet Rodriguez) and Nicole Snyder (Slutever). The band debuted their first album She's Gone in 2013 on Don Giovanni Records, following up with their 8-song EP, 76, in 2015 on Lauren Records.

Upset is the first record that splits the writing between Ali and Lauren, adding a refreshing new dynamic. Recorded and mixed by Steve McDonald (Redd Kross, Off!, Melvins) and mastered by Jack Shirley (most popular for his work with bands like Deafheaven and Loma Prieta), the group dove head first into their punk roots. With candy crushed harmonies and crunchy riffs, Upset is a bittersweet novel of self-realization. The supergroup displays no shortage of energy, and will keep you immersed down to the last second. Flipping the stereotypical notions of pop punk on its side, Upset continue to prove they aren’t afraid to push boundaries.

Members of: Hole, Vivian Girls, Benny the Jet Rodriguez

FFO: Chumped, Cayetana, Swearin'

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"An eclectic, yet honest fusion of grunge, pop punk, and garage rock." -MXDWN

"A propulsive crackle of energy." -

LP + T-Shirt Bundle: $26 - $28

LP + T-Shirt Bundle: $26-$28

Upset Butterfly T-Shirt: $15-$17

Listen to Upset's new song "Lucky Strikes Out // new album out 11/22 13 November 2019

Today you can listen to Upset's latest song "Lucky Strikes Out" on all streaming services. This is my personal favorite from the upcoming album. Check it out and pre-order their S/T record on limited butter cream vinyl.

FFO: Jawbreaker, That Dog.


1. Holy Basil
2. No Exit
3. Over My Head
4. Lucky Strikes Out
5. Brighton
6. The World Is Bigger Now
7. Degenerate
8. Tried & True
9. Mullet
10. Tony's On The Pier

LP Notes:
- Limited butter cream vinyl
- Printed Inner Sleeve
- MP3 download of the album

► Pre-Order the new Upset S/T album, out November 22, 2019 :
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Release Date: November 22nd, 2019

Listen to Upset's New Song "Tried & True" and Pre-order Their New LP! 16 October 2019

Today we are sharing the first single from Upset's upcoming S/T album. Stream "Tried & True" on Spotify or Apple Music and pre-order the vinyl on a very limited butter cream variant!

Upset is a pop punk powerhouse from Los Angeles, CA featuring Ali Koehler (Vivian Girls), Patty Schemel (Hole), Lauren Freeman (Benny the Jet Rodriguez) and Nicole Snyder (Slutever). The band debuted their first album "She's Gone" in 2013 on Don Giovanni Records, following up with their 8-song EP, "76," in 2015 on Lauren Records. This is the first record that splits the writing between Ali and Lauren, adding a new dynamic to the band, resulting in an album of solely hits.

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1. Holy Basil
2. No Exit
3. Over My Head
4. Lucky Strikes Out
5. Brighton
6. The World Is Bigger Now
7. Degenerate
8. Tried & True
9. Mullet
10. Tony's On The Pier

Release Date: November 22nd, 2019

Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold "Lousy" out today! 27 September 2019

Perspective, a lovely hand to hold's new record "Lousy" is out today! Stream it everywhere, and order the album on vinyl or CD! Check their tour dates and follow them on social media for updates (@palhth). Dates with Walter Etc, Mover Shaker, Retirement Party, Get Married and Blowout!! You can also read the write up about the record over at the Alternative along with their interview with Jacob.

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Lousy Tour Dates:
9/27 Manchester, NH @ Jewel
9/28 Glassboro, NJ @ 4333
9/29 Pittsburgh, PA @ GW
9/30 Akron, OH @ Kling w/ Mover Shaker
10/1 Kalamazoo, MI @ House w/ Mover Shaker
10/2 Chicago, IL @ Sub T w/ Mover Shaker
10/3 Franklin, WI @ JJ's Bar & Grille w/ Mover Shaker & Retirement Party
10/4 Minneapolis, @ MN Row House
10/5 Souix Falls, @ SD Luigi's Mansion
10/6 Casper, WY
10/7 Boise, ID @ RamaPong
10/8 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge w/ Walter Etc.
10/9 Portland, OR @ The Fixin' To w/ Walter Etc. & Blowout (reunion)
10/11 Arcata, CA @ Humboltd University/Depot
10/12 Berkley, CA @ Gilman w/ Get Married
10/13 Isla Vista, CA @ Biko Garage w/ Get Married
10/14 Los Angeles, CA @ Hi Hat w/ Get Married
10/15 Fullerton, CA @ Programme Skate Shop w/ Get Married
10/16 San Diego, CA @ Til Two w/ Get Married
10/17 Las Vegas, NV @ Cheba Hut w/ Get Married
10/18 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground
10/19 Denver, CO @ Nude City Relief Center
10/20 Witchita, KS @ DIYMCA
10/21 Kansas City, MO @ The Rino
10/22 Denton, TX @ J&J's Pizza
10/23 Austin, TX
10/24 Layfayette, LA @ The Loud House
10/25 Hammond, LA The Spot
10/26 Nashville, TN
10/27 Chatanooga, TN
10/28 Athens, GA
10/29 Boone, NC
10/30 Raleigh, NC @ Schoolkids Records
10/31 Statesboro, GA
11/3 Gainesville, FL @ Fest
11/4 Colombia, SC
11/5 Richmond, VA @ Lava
11/6 Falls Church, VA @ VFW
11/7 Philly, PA @ The Meadow
11/8 Middletown, CT @ Mac 650

Signals Midwest's new album Pin is out today! 2 August 2019

This record rocks. 6 beautifully written cohesive songs, the best written so far by them in my opinion and I'm honored that they had us be a part of it! Stream Pin everywhere and pick it up on limited black/red split color vinyl here. We also are running low, but still have pennants, slip mats and t-shirts available as well! Congrats Signals Midwest on an awesome record!

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Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold | New Single + Album Pre-Orders! 27 June 2019

Check out Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold's new song "The Gang Goes On Tour" on your preferred streaming service! 4-piece mathy but melodic emo, bridging harmonic chaos from Nashua, New Hampshire!

Listen / Order

1. You Are What Is Always On My Mind
2. One Wrong Turn
3. Times Tables
4. Water
5. Subject To Change
6. The Gang Goes On Tour (Explicit)
7. The Blues
8. Those Few Words
9. Apocryphal
10. No Support
11. Mornings
12. You Are What Is Always On My Mind (Reprise)

We have a very limited translucent red with black smoke vinyl and soft bella canvas tees.

Perspective's sound is hard to pin down. It fits in a cross over universe of Leer and Mom Jeans with the heavier melodic parts of Glocca Morra and LVL UP. There's an epic long tour coming this fall in support for the album spanning across every nook of the country leading to the Fest in Florida. Give the first single a try and keep your eyes open for more.

Thanks for reading!

New Signals Midwest Song + Album Pre-Orders! 19 June 2019

Check out Signals Midwest's new song "Your New Old Apartment" from their upcoming album "Pin," out August 2nd. It's one of six fantastic songs off the album and is about maintaining connection and lines of communication with the people you love. It also features guest vocals by Deanna Belos from Sincere Engineer!

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The album is 6 incredibly well written songs that all seem to overlap with themes of transit, friends and change. Sitting down reading the insert while listening to the vinyl was like reading a book with its own sound track. The lyrics are strong enough to stand on their own, the band's sound is tight and has been so developed over the 11 years of being together. And if you've seen my last newsletter, yes, at times this band sounds kind of like Third Eye Blind - which is honestly great. This is a lovely record, I'm honored to be a part of it, and we're so excited to start sharing it.
1. Pin
2. Sanctuary City
3. Can't Help But Wonder
4. Your New Old Apartment
5. I Think We Can Stay Here
6. Time Spent In Transit

Product Info:
To Pre-Order "Pin" and see Signals Midwest Bundles, T-Shirts, Slipmats and Pennants visit: Lauren Records.

AU exclusive color via Lost Boy Records.
UK orders please consider ordering via Specialist Subject.

- - -

More on the band/release:
PIN, the fifth album from Cleveland, Ohio’s Signals Midwest, is an album of change. Not just change for the band itself—though there was plenty of that; it’s their first recording with new bassist Ryan Williamson, and the first one that finds the band split between three different cities (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and their origin city of Cleveland)—but an album that interrogates the nature of change. The kind of change that makes you question your place in the world: the feeling you get walking down the same blocks you’ve known your whole life and not recognizing anything; the existential dread of an uncertain future, the daily fear and anxiety that comes with trying to live in this country, in this time.

Eleven years in, Signals Midwest is a band grateful to exist, and the constant change in their lives and the world at large is not lost on them. “Everything we do is meticulously planned, very far in advance, and is just for us at this point,” says vocalist/guitarist Max Stern. “Every practice takes so much organization and travel. So we don't do it as much anymore, but when we are able to make it happen, it feels more meaningful.” And so with PIN , which was recorded in November of 2018 at Type One Studios in Chicago, Illinois, with Matt Jordan and Adam Beck.

These six songs fit well with the sounds and themes Signals fans have grown to love over the past decade: thoughtfully melodic and anthemic examinations of moving through life in times good and bad. “Your Old New Apartment,” Can’t Help But Wonder,” and “I Think We Can Stay Here” feel familiar; personal but entirely relatable stories that Stern sings with unwavering conviction. But “Time Spent In Transit” and “Sanctuary City” represent a more mature growth for the band; songs that take an empathetic look at the world at large. “I think if you're not exploring other viewpoints and constantly practicing empathy and putting yourself in other peoples' shoes, you're doing yourself and the world a great disservice,” says Stern.

But there’s probably no better statement of purpose for Signals Midwest in 2019 than on PIN ’s title track: “I made a sound/ But couldn’t pin it down/ And spent a decade trying to follow it around,” Stern sings with a melancholic sweetness. It’s a song whose origins date back to their breakthrough 2011 album, Latitudes and Longitudes , proving that the more things change, the more the constants in your life become ever so important.
-Matt Cohen

Adult Mom "Sometimes Bad Happens" Vinyl Re-Issue 28 May 2019

Today we are sharing a re-issue of Adult Mom's classic first EP "Sometimes Bad Happens." The EP is turning 5 years old this July so we thought we'd release it on vinyl for the first time! These are a limited one time pressing off 500 random colored vinyl with exclusive redrawn artwork and a t-shirt to match.

Order / Stream

1) I Think I'm Old Enough
2) Ode To One Night Stands
3) Paws
4) Route '59
5) I Make Boys Cry
6) Theme Song

Even though "Sometimes Bad Happens" stands early in the Adult Mom timeline, it continues to hold a special place with their listeners and contains some of the most iconic songs by the band. We've been friends for a while now and have worked on many schemes and projects together, even toured together; but this is the first time Lauren Records has had the pleasure of releasing something for them! We hope you like it, and if you are unfamiliar with the band it's the perfect time to give them a listen!

Out July 22nd, but all the records are here and will ship immediately. You can order the vinyl, shirt or stream the album here.