LR Record Club!! 23 Mar 2017

We just released the LR Record Club! It's $100 and you will get the next 10 LPs (or 2 7"s = 1LP). The first 50 people to subscribe will also get a free lathe cut of an unreleased Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra song called "Chocolate Old Fashon" from the Cliche Definitions era b/w a brand new Peach Kelli Pop song "Mirror Mirror! These songs will only be available here, not streaming anywhere. Close out the Walter Mitty legacy with this missing piece.

I will throw in other free records along the way, and you'll also get a free shirt and enamel pin. I will also ship you every release early, so you will get them well before the street dates and get dibs on all the rarest variants. I really appreciate all the support over the years! To sign up please follow the link:

Records that are coming out that will be included if you sign up now are:
Real Life Buildings LP
Fishboy LP
Toby Foster LP
Walter Etc / Diners split 7"
Katie Ellen LP
Peach Kelli Pop LP
Walter Etc LP
Upset LP
and more to be announced!

Thanks again!

<3 Lauren Records