Surprise AJJ mini album "Back in the Jazz Coffin" out today! 18 Aug 2017

Happy to releasing another cassette for AJJ. They were one of the first bands I got to release something for and now Back in the Jazz Coffin is #66! 5 new songs available on cassette here, and CD from the band!

Back in the Jazz Coffin delivers honesty and appreciation as singer Sean Bonnette recounts experiences as varied as a childhood memory or spats with Border Patrol and an ex. Such scenes perfectly refract the sights and sounds that grow up to become memories. With five songs that clock in at less than ten minutes, Back in the Jazz Coffin reminds us why we fell in love with AJJ in the first place: they blow the cap off secrets with an awe-inspiring degree of candidness. Bonnette trusts listeners with his darkest moments and deepest sources of shame, shedding wisdom all the while.

1. American Body Rentals
2. Blood, Hatred, Money and Rage 2
3. Border Patrol (Yuma)
4. My Crooked Leg
5. Fuckboi