Listen to "Gift Shop" by Closer! Debut album out January 19th 17 Dec 2017

Closer is a 3-piece melodic hardcore band from Brooklyn whose members also all play in Real Life Buildings, who we did a record with earlier this year!

It’s amazing how much stuff you can fit in a great hardcore song. “Gift Shop,” the first thing we’ve heard from the new New York band Closer, has rushing, expressionistic black metal grandeur. It has twinkly, evocative Explosions In The Sky-esque guitar-chimes. It has enough time-signature switch-ups to leave your brain reeling. It has at least one moment where the rhythm section clicks into warlike lockstep and just conquers. And it has a feverish, committed performance from singer Ryann Slauson, who puts her entire soul into her brooding, raging, larynx-destroying wail. “Gift Shop” is two and a half minutes long, but it feels like an epic. And it also feels like the beginning of something. –Tom (Stereogum)

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