Walter Mitty & His Makeshift Orchestra Shirts Back In Stock! 19 October 2018

For a limited time we are welcoming the classic Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra camel pocket tee back in the store. They'll only be here for a short time, maybe until the end of the month. We're only ordering what is ordered, after that they are gone! We haven't made more of these in 5 years and lots of people have been asking for them! So please, if you want one get one because we probably won't have these available again.

30% Off All Apparel in the Store! 5 September 2018

Until this friday, we're giving 30% off all apparel. Trying to get rid of stragglers, old designs that wont be made again, and make some room for some fresh new stock. No code needed, the 30% will be taken off automatically at check out.

Adult Mom Sings Walter Etc 25 August 2018

One year ago today Walter Etc released their debut record (as Walter Etc, fka Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra) and to celebrate we have two alternate recordings from "Gloom Cruise" featuring Steph Knipe of Adult Mom! You can grab the songs over at our bandcamp or listen to it on spotify etc.

Katie Ellen's Audiotree Live is up! 15 August 2018

Katie Ellen is the best band, and their live performance is incredible! I get chills every time I see them play live. Lucky for us, Audiotree has recorded a live session with them and has it up on all streaming services! Stream it or watch the performance here:

New 2018 Spotify Label Sampler! 14 August 2018

Here's a short playlist featuring a song from every release we did so far in 2018. I promise there will be 5 more tracks added shortly as we have 5 more releases coming up shortly! Thanks!

Click the picture to go to the playlist.

​Katie Ellen's new EP Still Life is out today! 20 July 2018

Their follow up to last year's Cowgirl Blues has been receiving some good praise and we're super excited to share it . The EP showcases the band's impressive songwriting and compositional abilities as well as their enduring concern with the traditions and norms of love and adulthood.

"On opener 'Lighthouse,' Pyle reckons with warring thoughts: wanting to brave enough to swim into life's uncharted deep end, but feeling tied down by the anchor of fear and anxiety" (Noisey).

"On the album's namesake track, Pyle shows off some seriously impressive vocal range and lyrical prowess. She starts off pleading, “I feel it slipping away/ I am desperate to make it okay” before the song grows triumphant, and the listener seems to reach a similar epiphany as she comes to terms with the harsh reality of it all" (Stereogum).

You can now stream the EP online on Spotify and Apple Music, and order a CD or cassette in the store. Be sure to preorder the vinyl, which will be arriving soon in translucent orange and lavender with an etched B-side!

Katie Ellen "Still Life" EP Streaming on Noisey! 17 July 2018

Katie Ellen's new EP is streaming over at Noisey! 5 fantastic songs that give us a diverse snapshot of the bands potential - completely satisfying in and out of itself while providing an exciting glimpse of what the future could hold.