Sun Valley Gun Club "The Water, the Stars out today! 8 June 2018

Punk infused alt-country band from Sacramento, CA. Said arguably listens to too much Pavement. Touches the soft spots of Modest Mouse and the Weakerthans. Story telling and imagery galore. A requiem for a missing friend. “her i’s and j’s are missing dots, and i am missing her.”

Sun Valley Gun Club
’s spectacular new album “The Water, The Stars” is out today!

Check it out on Spotify or grab an LP!


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Listen to WILD ANIMALS "THE HOAX" in Full Ahead of the Release! 25 April 2018

Madrid's Wild Animals made a fantastic record and it comes out this friday!! At times this album reminds me of bands like Superchunk, Jawbreaker, Sugar and Dillinger Four. Listen to "The Hoax" in its entirety here, thanks to IDIOTEQ. Order the vinyl here, US orders will ship next month because these little guys are coming all the way from Spain!

SUN VALLEY GUN CLUB "She is Gone" on Streaming Services! 20 April 2018

Sacramento's Sun Valley Gun Club have released their new single "She Is Gone" on all streaming platforms. FFO Weatherthans, Pavement. Their new album "The Water, The Stars" will be out June 8th!

Click the image to take you to spotify!

Lauren Records Record Club is back! 18 April 2018

We've opened up the Lauren Records Record Club for another round of subscribers! This is a way to support the label and bands by buying all their records coming out for cheap! We've got Wild Animals and Sun Valley Gun Club LPs coming soon. A 7" featuring members from all the twinkle bands you used to love as well as some heavy hitting emo reissues.

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I promise we will also include loads of other free stuff, records we have here running low or that I only have a copy of and don't want to add to the store. It's worth it! It's fun, easy, and it helps me and the bands out so much.

If you'd like to sign up you can do it here:

Fishboy Share New Video for Art Guard! 12 April 2018

Last year Fishboy released "Art Guards" and just put up a new music video for "Art Guard"! Check it out here and if you do want to pick up a copy of the LP there are only around 10 left, so do it soon!

Wild Animals Share New Single "Science-Fiction" 2 April 2018

Madrid's playful pop punk band Wild Animals shared their new single "Science-Fiction" over on NPR. Their new album "The Hoax" will be out April 27th.

"Wild Animals must have fans all over the world. No less than seven record labels spread across the U.S., Spain, Italy, Chile and Japan are co-releasing The Hoax; a lot of people really want you to hear the Madrid trio's new album, which recalls Superchunk's crunchy pop-punk and Bob Mould's triumphant, post-Hüsker Dü jangle with Sugar. But where Wild Animals' debut kept everything fast and distorted, these new songs punch out raucous melodies like boxing gloves made from marshmallows.

"Science-Fiction," the album's first single, is a solid case in point. At once nostalgic for technology of yesteryear that brought quiet nerds together ("We spent our time in the arcade / Our second home back in sixth grade / Playing Tetris, Double Dragon / But Street Fighter was our favorite one") and critical of modern convenience that keeps us at arm's length, it's a power-pop song with fuzzy power chords, ringing guitar riffs and a big dang heart." - NPR

"Science-Fiction" is available now on all digital outlets, including Spotify.

Pre-order their upcoming album "The Hoax" here.