Fishboy Share New Video for Art Guard! 12 April 2018

Last year Fishboy released "Art Guards" and just put up a new music video for "Art Guard"! Check it out here and if you do want to pick up a copy of the LP there are only around 10 left, so do it soon!

Wild Animals Share New Single "Science-Fiction" 2 April 2018

Madrid's playful pop punk band Wild Animals shared their new single "Science-Fiction" over on NPR. Their new album "The Hoax" will be out April 27th.

"Wild Animals must have fans all over the world. No less than seven record labels spread across the U.S., Spain, Italy, Chile and Japan are co-releasing The Hoax; a lot of people really want you to hear the Madrid trio's new album, which recalls Superchunk's crunchy pop-punk and Bob Mould's triumphant, post-Hüsker Dü jangle with Sugar. But where Wild Animals' debut kept everything fast and distorted, these new songs punch out raucous melodies like boxing gloves made from marshmallows.

"Science-Fiction," the album's first single, is a solid case in point. At once nostalgic for technology of yesteryear that brought quiet nerds together ("We spent our time in the arcade / Our second home back in sixth grade / Playing Tetris, Double Dragon / But Street Fighter was our favorite one") and critical of modern convenience that keeps us at arm's length, it's a power-pop song with fuzzy power chords, ringing guitar riffs and a big dang heart." - NPR

"Science-Fiction" is available now on all digital outlets, including Spotify.

Pre-order their upcoming album "The Hoax" here.

20% Off Until the End of March! + FREE Shirt!! 7 March 2018

Lauren Records is turning 7 years old this month and to celebrate it's evolution we are taking 20% your orders for the rest of the month. We will also be giving away our iconic Animorphs tshirt with every order over $30. If that's not enough, we made some cool bundles where you can pick out of any Lauren Records releases that are still in stock and get them bundled up for cheap! Take a browse!

Thanks for the 7.


Walter Etc does Europe! 15 February 2018

Walter Etc. is making the leap across the pond. Europe tour dates and a new music video for Baby Blue Hammock!

19.03.- Stockholm, Sweden - kultuhuset lava*
20.03.- Oslo, Norway - Revolver's Goon Bar*
23.03.- Bremen, Germany - bgh
24.03.- Solingen, Germany - wheel room
25.03.- Brighton, UK - Sticky Mike's^
26.03.- London, UK - Sebright Arms^
27.03.- Glasgow, UK - Bloc^
28.03.- Manchester, UK - peer has#
29.03.- Birmingham, UK - Subside#
30.03.- Antwerp, Belgium - JC Bouckenbourgh#
31.03.- Haren, Germany - tba#
01.04.- Berlin, Germany - s38
03.04.- Freiburg, Germany - rank teng teng
04.04.- Nuremberg, Germany - k4
05.04.- Oettingen, Germany - tba
06.04.- Burghausen, Germany - mathilda
07.04.- Zagreb, Croatia - mochrava

* w/ Deadnotes
^ w/ The Pooches
# w/ Emperor X

Listen to Gloom Cruise here:

Order the LP:…/596970-walter-etc-gloom-cru…

Walter Etc - Live on the Little Elephant! 11 January 2018

Walter Etc stopped by the Little Elephant for some more live sessions this past tour! Three songs of their new album "Gloom Cruise" Peep the session here:

Listen to "Gift Shop" by Closer! Debut album out January 19th 17 December 2017

Closer is a 3-piece melodic hardcore band from Brooklyn whose members also all play in Real Life Buildings, who we did a record with earlier this year!

It’s amazing how much stuff you can fit in a great hardcore song. “Gift Shop,” the first thing we’ve heard from the new New York band Closer, has rushing, expressionistic black metal grandeur. It has twinkly, evocative Explosions In The Sky-esque guitar-chimes. It has enough time-signature switch-ups to leave your brain reeling. It has at least one moment where the rhythm section clicks into warlike lockstep and just conquers. And it has a feverish, committed performance from singer Ryann Slauson, who puts her entire soul into her brooding, raging, larynx-destroying wail. “Gift Shop” is two and a half minutes long, but it feels like an epic. And it also feels like the beginning of something. –Tom (Stereogum)

Order the LP:
"Gift Shop" on Spotify:
"Gift Shop" Music Video:

Katie Ellen "Cowgirl Blues" repress! 12 November 2017

Katie Ellen's fantastic album "Cowgirl Blues" is back in stock on 180 gram black, magenta and pink starburst vinyl! Pick up a copy by clicking the image below!

HATS! Lauren Records Record Club 26 October 2017

The first Lauren Records hat! Have you ever heard of Anti Social Social Club? What about the sick Lauren Records Record Club? Get yourself a hat, they are really cool. Click the picture to order!

$5 Banned In Philly Shirts! 25 September 2017

Here you go, for $5 only get this Banned In Philly shirt. I've never gotten this many messages about a shirt before asking what does it mean. It actually means a lot of things. For only $5, you too can be asked what does the shirt mean.