Bright Eyes - Noise Floor (Rarities 1998-2005) 2xLP

Noise Floor collects selected Bright Eyes singles, one-offs, unreleased tracks, collaborations and covers recorded between 1998 and 2005. Variously recorded to cassette four-track, minidisc, reel-to-reel, tape machine, ADAT and computer, these songs trace Bright Eyes' evolution from basement project to band of international repute. Many of these gems previously lost to out-of-print obscurity are hereby resurrected.

Vinyl Release includes 5 exclusive tracks not available on CD or digitally:
17. Act of Contrition
18. Hungry for a Holiday
19. When the Curious Girl Realizes She is Under Glass Again
20. Entry Way Song
21. It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends

The download card within the LP contains a download of the full album including the additional tracks. The instant grat that is included with purchase will only have the first 16 tracks.

Pressing Information

Saddle Creek Records