Walter Mitty & His Makeshift Orchestra - "Every Town Needs A Cowboy" LP LR#49

Resurrecting 2009 with a vinyl release of the album that started it all. From the bedroom to unstoppable current day cult, Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra is probably the best band that has accidentally shed it's grace on our lonely lives. I'd drink the punch over, and over again.

1. Punk With An "X"
2. Sunset Blvd.
3. Every Town Needs A Cowboy
4. Slither
5. Hey Bird 02:51
6. Mickey Flynns
7. I'm Riding My Bike to Charleston
8. Save Banning Ranch!
9. Walks On Balboa
10. My Pink Bike

Pressing Information

First Pressing: 500 Black