Fishboy - "Art Guards" LP LR60

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Release Date: May 19th, 2017

Fishboy is a Denton, TX indie rock band with an unhealthy love of power pop and narrative songwriting. Founded in 2001 by native Texan Eric Michener, the group has released a handful of story based albums, EPs, and seven inch records that are often accompanied with comics drawn by Michener.

In 2017 Fishboy will release Art Guards: a 31 minute album made of nine lyrically interconnected songs about artists making stuff, with varying results. Songs about a soon to be hall-of-famer ruined by his hatred of the wave (Ex-Pitcher), A fast food critic trapped in his job (Fast Foodie), An Aspiring Lighting Technician and her dad a Former Performance Artist, a relationship between a fake doctor (Actor Doctor)and a fake nurse (Researching Writer) and more come together in the album's ninth and final track (Final Frontman.) Though the synopsis may sound a bit over complicated, at their heart, the songs attempt to tackle the awkwardness and purpose behind why we create.

Track list:
1. Ex-Pitcher
2. Fast Foodie
3. Art Guard
4. Former Performance Artist
5. Researching Writer
6. Aspiring Lighting Technician
7. Actor Doctor
8. Popular Photographer
9. Final Frontman

Vinyl comes with free download of the album.

Pressing Information

First Pressing: 300 Black
Second Pressing: 200 Translucent Blue