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Lauren Records Record Club

We have a LOT of stuff on the way. Possibly more than we've ever done in a years span. For those who are new to the record club, it's a $100 membership to receive the next 10 LPs (or two 7"s = one LP) that we release. You automatically get the rarest variants available, you get them earlier than everyone else, you get 20% off the store for a year AND you get free bonus goodies like an enamel pin and slip mat. The enamel pins and slip mats are left overs from the last record club opening.. so those are first come first serve. There are maybe 30 of each left. When subscribing select your shirt size so we have it on file in case we have t-shirts to give away too :)

So let's go over this... $100 to sign up.. You'll get:
- The next 10 LPs (or 2 7"s = 1 LP)
- Rarest variant available
- Early shipments, before the record comes out
- 20% OFF for a year
- and other free stuff I'll toss in along the way (various records, t-shirts, stickers etc)

If you've made it this far and are about to sign up, you can also request any of the back catalog to be to be sent using your points!

- US Subscriptions: Ship on a per release basis
- International Subscriptions: Ship every few releases