LR Record Club

You will receive the next 10 LPs (or 2 7"s = 1 LP) we release. You will also get first dibs on the rarest variants available. We have a TON of great stuff planned already so this package is already looking like a killer deal. All US subscriptions will ship per release!

In addition to the next 10 LPs from the time of signing up, you will each receive a record club exclusive t-shirt, slipmat and enamel pin.

The first 50 subscribers will also receive a limited edition lathe with an unreleased Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra song from the Cliche Definitions of Success era, and a brand new Peach Kelli Pop song! These two songs won't be available anywhere else other than here, no download code, no bandcamp.

So let's go over this... $100 to sign up.. You'll get:
- The next 10 LPs or two 7"s = 1LP
- Exclusive t-shirt
- Exclusive enamel pin
- Lauren Records slipmat
- The FIRST 50 subscribers get an exclusive lathe cut with a unreleased Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra track, and brand new Peach Kelli Pop song!

Here's a little glance at whats planned this year so far: Real Life Buildings LP, Fishboy LP, Toby Foster LP, Walter Etc. / Diners 7," Katie Ellen LP, Walter Etc. LP, Peach Kelli Pop LP, Upset LP and more I can't talk about yet!

- US Subscriptions: Ship on a per release basis
- International Subscriptions: Ship every other release