LR Record Club

You will receive the next 10 LPs (or 2 7"s = 1 LP) we release. You will also get first dibs on the rarest variants available. We have a TON of great stuff planned already so this package is already looking like a killer deal. All US subscriptions will ship per release!

In addition to the next 10 LPs from the time of signing up, you will each receive a record club exclusive t-shirt, slipmat and enamel pin.

So let's go over this... $100 to sign up.. You'll get:
- The next 10 LPs or two 7"s = 1LP
- Exclusive t-shirt
- Exclusive enamel pin
- Lauren Records slipmat

If you are reading this and are about to sign up, you can start with any release you'd like! Just tell me which past release you'd like to start with and we will send you every release from that one on!

Here's a little glance at whats planned this year so far: Real Life Buildings LP, Fishboy LP, Toby Foster LP, Walter Etc. / Diners 7," Katie Ellen LP, Walter Etc. LP, Peach Kelli Pop LP, Upset LP and more I can't talk about yet!

- US Subscriptions: Ship on a per release basis
- International Subscriptions: Ship every few releases