R.L. Kelly (Rachel Levy) "The Back Catalogue Vol. 421" LR78

**NOTE: 2ND PRESS (CLEAR) IS A PRE-ORDER AND IS EXPECTED TO BE READY BY THE END OF MAY 2019. All additional items within the same order will not ship until the pre-order items are released. **THERE HAS BEEN A HUGE DELAY ON MANUFACTURING CASSETTES, I'M SORRY ABOUT THE WAIT!!**

Out March 15th, 2019.

01 You're Not The Only Monster From Hell
02 Change (Alex G Cover)
03 Familiar Haunt
04 I Had A Dream Last Night
05 Woke Up Feeling Sad
06 Life's A Bummer
07 Everyday
08 The Voices
09 Fake Out
10 I Don't Like Remembering Anymore
11 I Cannot
12 Wake Up
13 Teen Porn
14 Again
15 The Great Big World

Pressing Information

First: 100 White
Second: 100 Clear