We're reopening the Lauren Records Record Club! 29 June 2020


The LLRC was made to offer an easy way to support a range of artists in one go. By subscribing you'll receive early bird vinyl variants of our next 10 releases, shipped to you on a per release basis. On average you save $5 per album and also get free bonus items and perks (listed below). The club is one of the best ways for us to share new music, and the easiest way for you to discover it! We have an exciting run of releases coming up, including some brand new bands you may have never heard of as well as some returning favs. You can take the plunge and support them all by joining the club.


★ The next 10 LPs (or 2 7"s = 1 LP)
★ Rarest variant available
★ Early shipments
★ Free Lauren Records Record Club face mask
★ 20% OFF the website for a year
★ And other free stuff I'll toss in along the way (various records, t-shirts, stickers etc)

Hope that sounds cool and you consider joining it!


Melody - Teacher's Pet EP OUT NOW!! 18 June 2020


Teacher's Pet is finally out! Melody wrote the EP as a way for to express herself. She explained that Teacher's Pet is about, "what growing up feels like as an introverted, creative teenage girl going to a huge public high school. It's hopefully relatable to anyone who has experienced any form of self doubt or self realization in their life or has had trouble with feeling confident in their own skin."

You can purchase the EP tomorrow (6/19) on Bandcamp for name your own price with all proceeds going to the NAACP. Shirts are also available for pre-order and come with a free download code!


Listen to Maxwell Stern's new song "Tying Airplanes To The Ground" (featuring Ratboys and more) 21 May 2020


Inspired by John Prine, "Tying Airplanes To The Ground" is a song about finding light in life's somber moments. It was written and recorded in quarantine with the help of a multitude of musicians! The song features Julia Steiner and Dave Sagan (Ratboys), Ian Farmer (Modern Baseball / Slaughter Beach Dog), Adam Beck (Into It. Over It. / Sincere Engineer), and Evan Loritsch (Mother Evergreen). Every part of the song was recorded separately (in true self isolation style) and mixed by Adam Beck.

Proceeds on Bandcamp will be going to NIVA (National Independent Venue Association). NIVA help offer support to independent music venues in need of assistance. Listen / buy here.

Same's debut LP Plastic Western is out now! 8 May 2020

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We couldn't be more excited to share that Same's debut LP is finally out! Plastic Western is a groovy, lo-fi record that leaves an endless amount of room for your mind to wander. It offers breezy tracks with sharp corners. Listening to the record gives me the same satisfying feeling of watching the bouncing DVD logo finally hit the corner of the TV screen. You know exactly what I mean.

"Plastic Western emanates the aura of a lit candle; warm and comforting, but not overpowering. It has a purified, breezy sound made possible by anchored vocals and riffs that tip-toe gently" - The Alternative

"Plastic Western... jumps around through different genres, bringing in pop, folk, shoegaze, and bits of experimental rock into their discography." - Dusty Organ

"The addictive-as-sugar “Landlady” might amplify the haziness or THC-laced slacker-isms of Stephen Malkmus and tracks like “Como Esta La Serenidad?” drip with glassy notes and reverb, splitting the difference between emo or dream-pop mood-setting and Weezer-ish ear-worms." - Pittsburgh Current

Listen to the record and don't forget to check out all the cool merch items we have including: sunglasses, keychains, cassettes and more!

We're working with Melody! 6 May 2020

Welcome Melody to Lauren Records!

Listen to "Teacher's Pet" NOW!

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We are super excited to announce we are now working with Melody Caudill! We will be releasing her EP Teacher's Pet next month (6/12), and you can check out the first single now!

FFO: Snail Mail, Beach Bunny, Phoebe Bridgers, Beabadoobee

"Teacher's Pet" is one of our favorite songs we've shared so far this year, and we hope you enjoy it just as much! Melody's creativity and bubbly attitude is infectious, and you may be shocked to learn she just turned 16! She writes songs that everyone can relate to, whether you feel like an outsider or have self doubt, Melody writes about the insecurities that plague us all.


Bandcamp Day!! 100% Going to the Artists! 1 May 2020

Today bandcamp is waiving their fee again to help support artists that use their platform. They typically take a 10-15% fee, but today they are taking zero! To follow suit we will also be passing all label share of these sales directly to the artists. So if there are any albums you've been meaning to pick up today's the day to do so!

In addition; We are very excited for Same's new album "Plastic Western" which comes out in a week! May 8th. You can hear their 3 latest songs on bandcamp, apple music, spotify. And anyone who orders the album on bandcamp today gets an instant download, early!

​Listen to Same's new song "Osho Tapes" 28 April 2020

Plastic Western out 5/8

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"Osho Tapes" is Same's newest single! It comes off their debut LP Plastic Western, out next Friday (5/8)! Still haven't listened to the band? You should do it now! They are what BrooklynVegan call "lazy Sunday, slacker indie". On the surface, they offer a sense of escapism, making the perfect soundtrack to lounge around to. But, take another listen and "Osho Tapes" is loaded with Easter eggs that prove they put a lot of thought into everything they do. It's funky and a bit weird, but in a good way.

"Osho Tapes" is one of my favorite songs from the record, and the music video is just as good. Since they couldn't record what they had planned, in true DIY style they made something completely their own. The video is a hodgepodge of pop culture clippings that follow the song. See if you can spot the cult of Osho, Chad Smith tripping over his headphone cable on national TV, and Three Rivers Stadium imploding. Cassettes, keychains, sunglasses, and more are available now for pre-order!


Diners' new album "Leisure World" is out now!! 24 April 2020

Diners - Leisure World

Out today!!

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to say, Diners' new album "Leisure World" is finally out! This album has been a long time in the making for Tyler and I'm really glad everyone can hear it now. If you have a moment today, please take a listen! You can find it on your preferred streaming service here.

Diners is performing on their Instagram Live every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 7pm PST. Tune in @dinersmusic as they play the entire album tonight!

Stream / Order Leisure World

Check out Diners' New Song & Video "Big Times" Out Today 7 April 2020

Leisure World out 4/24

Listen / Pre-Order

Did you know Tyler Blue Broderick was on an episode of Young Sheldon? While they didn't get much screen time, it still lit some inspiration for their new song "Big Times" now streaming everywhere! They also have a new, goofy video out, poking a bit of fun at Hollywood. Check it out for a good smile, and pre-order Leisure World out 4/24!

"It’s the American Dream: move to Los Angeles with high hopes, scan Craigslist for a little too long, and move away with a trove of songwriting material dealing with the absurdity of the entertainment capital of the world. This is a part of the story behind Leisure World, the new record from Diners, with their latest single “Big Times” encapsulating the “high-hopes” portion of this arc. Over minimalist guitar and MIDI beats, Tyler Broderick recites what they refer to as “lighthearted” and “naïve” takes on Hollywood dreams." -FLOOD

The record is available in opaque yellow or clear with white and blue smoke. On top of that, we've partnered with HEY! Cafe in New Orleans to create a custom Diners roast. All of this and more is available for pre-order! Check it out, and pre-save Leisure World now!

Listen to Same's new single "Bluish" streaming today 31 March 2020

Plastic Western out 5/8


Guess what?! You probably already guessed from the title, BUT Same's new song "Bluish" is now streaming everywhere! "Bluish" is the second single from Same's upcoming, debut LP Plastic Western (out 5/8). The band spent years tinkering with the track, and we are so excited to finally share it with you today! It's about the unnerving feeling of being alone in a crowd full of people, and the excessive impulse we have to pull out our phones the second we start to feel uncomfortable. Sometimes we need a reminder that it's okay to be alone though and that's just what "Bluish" is about!

"Pittsburgh’s Same cast a sepia tone across a ‘90s DIY-indebted style of indie rock. Their debut LP Plastic Western is at times range-y and raucous, but it also spends a lot of time being thoughtfully languid, dreamy in a night-under-the-stars kind of way. “Bluish,” ... falls into the latter category. It’s kind of like a conversation you might have with yourself, realizing halfway through that you don’t need to answer your own questions out loud. You can just stare out the window and let the thought ruminate until you’re finished with it." - The Alternative

We have sunglasses, keychains, cassette tapes, and even more available for pre-order, so make sure you check it out while you stream the track!


Listen to Maxwell Stern's (Signals Midwest) new song "Water Tower"! 24 March 2020


Did you lose track of what day of quarantine you're on? Don't fret, we have something to pick you up a bit! Maxwell Stern just released a new song titled "Water Tower". You may recognize Stern from Signals Midwest, Timeshares, or even Meridian; but did you know he has a self-titled solo project? It's what Brooklyn Vegan calls, "warm and jangly, and basically Signals Midwest meets Paul Simon in ALL THE BEST WAYS!

Stern shared that "Water Tower" is about mindfulness and allowing yourself to have emotional and mental space. "Sometimes it’s nice to just chase something and figure out where you are once you get there." Stern said. Check out the wholesome video and stream the track now!