Two Thumbs down release new single, announce new record End All Be All out 11/12 14 October 2021

Washington DC's indie punk trio Two Thumbs Down is one of our newest signees, and we're very excited to share with you their new single, "Tourist" and announce we'll be helping them put out their new record, End All Be all, out 11/12.

"Tourist" is a head nodding punk song about returning home from college for the first time and feeling like a tourist in your own home. What once was your room now feels weirdly clean, like a shrine to a missing kid. This track deals with how uncomfortable that can be, and feeling trapped in a continual cycle of self sabotage.

Give "Tourist" a spin and pre-order End All Be All on cassette or digital!


Welcome GUPPY to Lauren Records and listen to their new song Aliens! 22 September 2021

Welcome GUPPY to Lauren Records. They're an east coast born LA raised indie punk trio, and they have a brand new song out today for you to hear! "Aliens" is a hard hitting, lighthearted punk prophecy of human kind's first meeting, produced by Sarah Tudzin of the band illuminati hotties.

So excited for you all to hear what they have coming up! For now enjoy "Aliens"!

Listen to "Aliens" and watch the music video here.

"Cash In" and "Sell Out" with Sad Park ahead of the release of their new record, "It's All Over" 15 September 2021

LA punks, Sad Park, have been gracing our ears with energetic and catchy tunes for the last few months in anticipation for their new full length record, "It's All Over" out Friday (9/24).

We're excited to share two more tracks and a music video with you today! "Cash In" is a personal story of feeling like there is romanticization of the struggles vocalist Grant Steele sings about in his songs. Check out the fun music video to go along with it here!

Following closely behind "Cash In", "Sell Out" is the story of two people falling out of each other's lives simply due to differing directions.

Make sure you bump these two tracks and get excited for the "It's All Over" release 9/24!!

We signed Nectar! New single "Routine" out now!! 9 September 2021

Champaign Illinois sweethearts, Nectar, are now a part of the Lauren Records family! With this announcement we also get to share their new single "Routine" with you.

This catchy and heartwarming song is about singer, Kamila Glowacki, finding divine joy in the rituals of everyday life. Whether it be watering houseplants or taking care of a pet, you can gain a lot from the ritual. With pandemic in mind, this song is more relatable than ever!

We've also got a new Nectar shirt up on our webstore for after you listen to "Routine" and say "wow I need this band's merch ASAP". Hope you're as excited for new Nectar as we are!

Get "STUCK" on Sad Park's new single! 19 August 2021

Today Sad Park releases, "STUCK", their second single from their upcoming record, It's All Over (9/24). This equal parts catchy and groovin' track keeps you dancing even when you're feeling stuck. Whether you're stuck in progress on a project, or in a relationship, Sad Park gets it.

Give "STUCK" a listen and while you're sitting there enjoying it, pre-order the record! It's All Over will be out September 24th, and you'll also be able to catch Sad Park at the following tour dates this fall!

8/28 - Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom - w/Tijuana Panthers
9/1 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Usual Place - w/Together Pangea
9/2 - San Diego, CA @ Soma Sidestage - w/Together Pangea
9/4 - Tuscon, AZ @ 191 Toole - w/Together Pangea
10/23 - Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour - w/Together Pangea
11/20 - Pomona, CA @ The Glass House - w/Together Pangea

Now Presenting! The Wonderful New Single From Career Woman: "Armor" 17 August 2021

Summer might be winding down, but Career Woman is showing us she's just gearing up! 17-year-old Melody Caudill impresses yet again with her newest single, "Armor".

The stripped down acoustic track lends your ear to Melody's journey through finding her sense of value outside of looks. It's hard not to compare yourself to others, and Career Woman offers an anthem for overcoming that and seeing yourself beyond your looks. Check out the new track below and be on the look out for more from Career Woman!


Maxwell Stern out with new EP "Teeth Of A Key" 11 August 2021

Today we get to share a new release from Maxwell Stern, "Teeth Of A Key". The EP is 13 minutes of music split between two songs and connected by an ambient loop. It's available for streaming, digital purchase, AND "7 translucent orange vinyl!

Teeth Of A Key comes from the desire to get back in a live room and record music. Maxwell's last record, Impossible Sum, was recorded over the better part of a year and filled with overdubs, so he decided to take an opposite approach with these recordings. Recorded in only a day-and-a-half, Teeth Of A Key sets a clear scene and brings you right to the live room with Max.

Check it out and don't miss out on your chance to get a vinyl pressing!


Sad Park announces new record, It's All Over, and shares first single! 28 July 2021

We're very excited to announce the new record from Sad Park, "It's All Over", and share the first single + music video with you! "It's All Over" will fully be out on September 24th, 2021. We've got a sweet merch bundle with a shirt and button...and of course, vinyl! Pre-order here!

"Nothing Ever" is about the feeling of anxiety from realizing that you don't get the same joy out of things you used to. The music video depicts that pretty well while also capturing how truly fun the song is. Be sure to check out the song, and add to your favorite playlists!

This record is packed full of fun riffs, sing-a-long melodies, and strong emotions. Preorder Sad Park's new record TODAY and check out the first single, "Nothing Ever."


Avery Springer releases new single "Bored Man with a Knife" 21 July 2021

Today we get to share the newest single from Avery Springer. Avery was previously releasing her solo music with Lauren Records under Elton John Cena, but after a few releases decided it was best to start releasing music under her name.

"Bored Man with a Knife" was produced and mixed by Ryan Hemsworth (we love his project Quarter Life Crisis). The songs lyrics deal with the mix of feeling bogged down by the system, but also trying to manifest a better future. At the end of the day, it's hard to accept anything other than feeling "whittled down" by the powerful people and forces in the world.

This release is the first under Avery's new imprint on Lauren Records, Rat Poison Recordings. Look forward to more music from Avery and other artists here in the future!

Take a listen here and vibe out with Avery to "Bored Man with a Knife"!

New Career Woman single, "The Little Dipper" out now! 7 July 2021

Excited to share another single and video from Career Woman! "The Little Dipper" is Melody Caudill's 2nd single of the summer (following the incredible "Balcony"). The lyric video for it was made by Melody with animations by Jesse Caggiano from another Lauren Records band, Same.

The song is made up of "word vomit" from a busy mind coping with losing her teenage years to the pandemic. It's a beautiful acoustic song that showcases Melody's ability to capture and reproduce some deep emotions. This song gives me chills! Check it out and be on the look out for more from Career Woman soon.

Lauren Records turns 10! 1 July 2021

Lauren Records turned 10 years old! There's too much to say about it all, but for now I had this designed to represent some key points and fond memories! You can read some notes about the images, and if you'd like to you can order a shirt! Forgive me, I woke up and started writing this today without being fully caffeinated. Designed by Yasmine Sayre.

Order here

Long thing about the label that kind of summarize the images:

Lauren Records is 10 years old now! It just kind of happened. It started with playing drums in Baby's Breath / Summer Vacation and being interested in all the things my friend Mark would do. I got intro'd into things by watching his band Moldar and then later playing with him in SV. He ran a distro a did a zine called KYEO SPEAKS and introduced me to this kind of music and DIY in general. After that I started meeting awesome people in bands that I admired like Shinobu, Joyce Manor, Pangea, Watercolor Paintings and many more. It was all new to me; house shows, cafe shows, food not bombs, vinyl, CD-Rs with packaging made of brown lunch bags. After getting to meet a bunch of cool people I wanted to put a compilation together with all the bands I was becoming friends with. Partially because what else was there to do, and secondly because I loved the interconnection between everyone and helping form that wherever I could.

I started wanting to be able to help or be a part of things so I had to find something to do. I started dubbing cassettes 1 at a time for local bands and assembling them, booking shows, I built a wooden screen printing press, watched a ton of youtube videos, bothered Chris Reject at LVAC with questions, and started making shirts for bands.

Some of the first big moments for me was when Todd C. (Recess Records, Toys that Kill, URTC) said yes to being on the first compilation I released, 'I Think We Should Stay Away From Each Other'. Todd participating in things I was doing, whether it was shows or releases, opened the doors to a lot of things, he really is a nice guy. After that, bands like AJJ and Japanther agreed to be on it, leading to me getting to put out the next AJJ and Japanther albums on cassette (Knife Man & Beats Limes and Rice). He also gave me a van years later that I would use for Winter Break tours and to take other people on tour. It just kept stemming from him. Also a shout out to Razorcake for letting me come over to talk me through how to fill out a vinyl order form and Muy Autentico Records for telling me how to start a label. I don't remember if at the time I wanted to release more things than just the comp, but it started to just make sense as time went on.

I think the next big relationships I formed was with my friends in Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra, Leer and the rest of the San Jose crew, and the legendary Tim Burkert and Donna Ramone & co. at 12th&G and VLHS. This was the time period when I felt like we were all doing really cool shit. We did a couple tours with those bands up and down the coast and they were killing it. VLHS was our home base in Southern California. There's no point in really trying to get into it, but that place was probably the most important thing the label was ever somewhat involved in. Even if it was just being there and being able see friends it was truly a magical place that can never be replaced to replicated. I know everyone probably feels that way about their spot, it's just special to me and is hopefully a place all my friends have good memories of.

Growing Up Is Dumb was just the same thing as the rest of it. I just wanted to get all the people I met and liked under one roof to meet each other and get to have fun. It was a 2-3 day DIY music fest that happened 2.5 times. It was also Rafa's Tacos first show, a real day 1 homie who then started serving food at almost all of our VLHS shows going forward. A true staple in our diets. Some of my favorite memories was around GUID, when a bunch of people slept over during the fest. I think Blowout, Leer, Diners, Winter Break were all there and more. We all went to Santana's the next day, the go to burrito spot in Pomona. I just remember the place being empty and us rolling in like 30+ people deep, I love it. The final year we filled up one of those big gatorade jugs with mimosas and had basketball games at a park before the show. The best thing about that was the people who showed up not even to play, but just to eat pizza and watch.

Lots of people to thank and things to talk about, way too many, but I think that just about covers all the images in the shirt design. Special shout out to all the bands for being a part of it, Asian Man Records for helping me with anything I ever need, Norman the best cat, Yasmine for the artwork, all the friends who have pitched in to help, and the roomba for keeping the floors clean. Thanks for 10.

Mike Huguenor puts out blissful 2-track EP "The Gateless Gate" 17 June 2021

We're excited to bring some more serene guitar music to your day with the newest release from Mike Huguenor, "The Gateless Gate". These two songs (previously only available on Bandcamp) are now available across streaming platforms. Add it to your favorite instrumental playlist and let yourself drift away into Mike's guitar-ruled world.

If you like what you hear, be sure to check out Mike's debut LP, "X'ed" that we put out last year