PItchfork Reviews New Algernon Cadwallader Reissues 29 December 2018

In their new reviews for "Some Kind of Cadwallader," "Parrot Flies," and "S/T," Pitchfork looked back at Algernon Cadwallader's legacy and influence.

Pitchfork's Ian Cohen writes, "Ten years and many label rosters’ worth of imitators later, Some Kind of Cadwallader still leaps out of the speakers, an album that treats its songs like secrets they’re dying to share—they can barely contain themselves even during the starstruck ballads and the 13-minute jam."

The reissues "testify to their influence, idiosyncrasy, and proudly uncommercial spirit." All three albums are available here in our web store and at Asian Man Records. As of today, they're also on streaming services including Spotify!