New Signals Midwest Song + Album Pre-Orders! 19 June 2019

Check out Signals Midwest's new song "Your New Old Apartment" from their upcoming album "Pin," out August 2nd. It's one of six fantastic songs off the album and is about maintaining connection and lines of communication with the people you love. It also features guest vocals by Deanna Belos from Sincere Engineer!

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The album is 6 incredibly well written songs that all seem to overlap with themes of transit, friends and change. Sitting down reading the insert while listening to the vinyl was like reading a book with its own sound track. The lyrics are strong enough to stand on their own, the band's sound is tight and has been so developed over the 11 years of being together. And if you've seen my last newsletter, yes, at times this band sounds kind of like Third Eye Blind - which is honestly great. This is a lovely record, I'm honored to be a part of it, and we're so excited to start sharing it.
1. Pin
2. Sanctuary City
3. Can't Help But Wonder
4. Your New Old Apartment
5. I Think We Can Stay Here
6. Time Spent In Transit

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More on the band/release:
PIN, the fifth album from Cleveland, Ohio’s Signals Midwest, is an album of change. Not just change for the band itself—though there was plenty of that; it’s their first recording with new bassist Ryan Williamson, and the first one that finds the band split between three different cities (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and their origin city of Cleveland)—but an album that interrogates the nature of change. The kind of change that makes you question your place in the world: the feeling you get walking down the same blocks you’ve known your whole life and not recognizing anything; the existential dread of an uncertain future, the daily fear and anxiety that comes with trying to live in this country, in this time.

Eleven years in, Signals Midwest is a band grateful to exist, and the constant change in their lives and the world at large is not lost on them. “Everything we do is meticulously planned, very far in advance, and is just for us at this point,” says vocalist/guitarist Max Stern. “Every practice takes so much organization and travel. So we don't do it as much anymore, but when we are able to make it happen, it feels more meaningful.” And so with PIN , which was recorded in November of 2018 at Type One Studios in Chicago, Illinois, with Matt Jordan and Adam Beck.

These six songs fit well with the sounds and themes Signals fans have grown to love over the past decade: thoughtfully melodic and anthemic examinations of moving through life in times good and bad. “Your Old New Apartment,” Can’t Help But Wonder,” and “I Think We Can Stay Here” feel familiar; personal but entirely relatable stories that Stern sings with unwavering conviction. But “Time Spent In Transit” and “Sanctuary City” represent a more mature growth for the band; songs that take an empathetic look at the world at large. “I think if you're not exploring other viewpoints and constantly practicing empathy and putting yourself in other peoples' shoes, you're doing yourself and the world a great disservice,” says Stern.

But there’s probably no better statement of purpose for Signals Midwest in 2019 than on PIN ’s title track: “I made a sound/ But couldn’t pin it down/ And spent a decade trying to follow it around,” Stern sings with a melancholic sweetness. It’s a song whose origins date back to their breakthrough 2011 album, Latitudes and Longitudes , proving that the more things change, the more the constants in your life become ever so important.
-Matt Cohen