Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold | New Single + Album Pre-Orders! 27 June 2019

Check out Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold's new song "The Gang Goes On Tour" on your preferred streaming service! 4-piece mathy but melodic emo, bridging harmonic chaos from Nashua, New Hampshire!

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1. You Are What Is Always On My Mind
2. One Wrong Turn
3. Times Tables
4. Water
5. Subject To Change
6. The Gang Goes On Tour (Explicit)
7. The Blues
8. Those Few Words
9. Apocryphal
10. No Support
11. Mornings
12. You Are What Is Always On My Mind (Reprise)

We have a very limited translucent red with black smoke vinyl and soft bella canvas tees.

Perspective's sound is hard to pin down. It fits in a cross over universe of Leer and Mom Jeans with the heavier melodic parts of Glocca Morra and LVL UP. There's an epic long tour coming this fall in support for the album spanning across every nook of the country leading to the Fest in Florida. Give the first single a try and keep your eyes open for more.

Thanks for reading!