Same - "It's Lonely In Doggy Hell" + Album Pre-Order 5 March 2020

"It's Lonely In Doggy Hell" NOW STREAMING

Plastic Western out 5/8


"It's Lonely In Doggy Hell" is the first single from Same's upcoming LP Plastic Western (out 5/8). The single has an unintentional apocalyptic feel to it but in a “oh well what can you really do” about it way, just like life. With lofi, groovy melodies, the track takes listeners on a journey and is a great peak into what you can expect from the record. Check out Same on tour this summer and pre-order the album now.


1. It's Lonely in Doggy Hell
2. Bluish
3. Landlady
4. Make It So
5. Shoot It
6. ¿Cómo está la serenidad?
7. Osho Tapes
8. Cherry Pull 'N Peel
9. Plastic Western
10. To The Infinitive
11. 2094 US Open
12. Must've Hit Your Head