Listen to Diners' new song "Learning Curve" 18 March 2020

Listen to Diners' new song "Learning Curve"

New Album - Leisure World out 4/24

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Hope you're feeling well! While the world is a little unsettling right now, we are excited to share Diners' uplifting new track "Learning Curve". It is the second single from their upcoming album Leisure World out 4/24.

Tyler Blue Broderick shared: "'Learning Curve" is a song about trying your best and not beating yourself up when you make mistakes." Radiating meditative energy, the groovy track is perfect for taking a momentary break from life. Heaven knows we could all use one right now.

The record is available in two beautiful colorways: opaque yellow or clear with white and blue smoke. On top of that, we've partnered with HEY! Cafe in New Orleans to create a custom Diners roast with flavor notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and apple pie. While 4 ounce bags are priced at $6 a piece, the blend is practically begging you to try it out. All of this and more is available for pre-order. Check out the bundles we have available, share the track, and take care of yourself out there!