Check out Diners' New Song & Video "Big Times" Out Today 7 April 2020

Leisure World out 4/24

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Did you know Tyler Blue Broderick was on an episode of Young Sheldon? While they didn't get much screen time, it still lit some inspiration for their new song "Big Times" now streaming everywhere! They also have a new, goofy video out, poking a bit of fun at Hollywood. Check it out for a good smile, and pre-order Leisure World out 4/24!

"It’s the American Dream: move to Los Angeles with high hopes, scan Craigslist for a little too long, and move away with a trove of songwriting material dealing with the absurdity of the entertainment capital of the world. This is a part of the story behind Leisure World, the new record from Diners, with their latest single “Big Times” encapsulating the “high-hopes” portion of this arc. Over minimalist guitar and MIDI beats, Tyler Broderick recites what they refer to as “lighthearted” and “naïve” takes on Hollywood dreams." -FLOOD

The record is available in opaque yellow or clear with white and blue smoke. On top of that, we've partnered with HEY! Cafe in New Orleans to create a custom Diners roast. All of this and more is available for pre-order! Check it out, and pre-save Leisure World now!