You're Invited to Mitch McConnell's Funeral! 14 August 2020

"Mitch McConnell's Funeral" - Mike Huguenor

X'ed out 9/4


A couple weeks ago, we welcomed Mike Huguenor to the label and announced his debut solo LP X'ed! Today, I am excited to share his newest song "Mitch McConnell's Funeral".

Mike shared the following about the track: "I was working on this song and found myself thinking, ‘This is the most calming, peaceful song I’ve ever written.’ So I started thinking about calming, peaceful things, and the most calming, peaceful thought of all was the realization that one day Mitch McConnell will be dead... Then, America can finally do some healing.

Pre-orders are now available for X'ed! We have merch bundles, guitar picks, and more up for sale! Follow Mike on Spotify with this link and unlock an exclusive song not featured on the album called, "6 Degrees From Londo". And lastly, don't forget to stream "Mitch McConnell's Funeral" wherever you listen to your music!