Check out Melody's new video for her song "Mosquito Bites"! 27 August 2020

Melody's new music video for "Mosquito Bites" is out today! Check it out and stream Teacher's Pet!

Some notes from Melody about the video:

I wrote Mosquito bites last summer when I had nothing to do and felt bad about being home for most of the summer, but the song’s meaning has really developed this year, which has been almost fully in quarantine. Making this video was one of the only things I’ve done outside of my bedroom in a long time, and it really showed me how much of a positive difference spending time with friends has on my mental health.

(This isn’t part of my description but I wanted to mention that all of the proper safety precautions were taking when making it, and we were socially distanced/wearing masks every second we were off screen)


Hope you all enjoy it!