Mike Huguenor's new album X'ed is out today! 4 September 2020

We are excited to share Mike Huguenor's debut solo LP X'ed, which you can now listen to wherever you stream your music! Armed with three guitars and an unbelievable amount of talent, Mike pushes the boundaries of modern guitar music.

You may recognize Mike from his projects like Hard Girls or Shinobu - or from playing with people like Mike Park, Jeff Rosenstock, Dan Andriano, and more! He spent nearly two years working on X'ed in San Jose, CA where he witnessed many of his friends getting priced out of the city, one by one getting X'ed.

“Ultimately, what I wanted was to make the best songs possible,” Mike explains. “It is experimental, but it’s also about writing songs people would want to listen to while retaining that experimental bent.”

X'ed is now streaming! Records, guitar picks, and more are also available to order! Don't forget, it's also Bandcamp day! Buy the album on Bandcamp today for Mike to receive an extra cut of sales!