Cliche Definitions of Success 10 Year Anniversary! 10 September 2020

Hi everyone!

One of my favorite records by a favorite band turned 10 years old this month! To celebrate Walter and I put up this new pink pressing of "Cliche Definitions of Success;" along with a new shirt and coloring book / color pencil set.


1. Otterpops In The Icebox
2. Oh Charlatan Me
3. Whistle Like Jim
4. To A Friend On The Floor
5. Tally Ho

Almost 10 years ago now my friend Tim, from VLHS/12th and G, told me "We're trying to get Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra to come play down here, you should check them out, they're rad!" I went home on myspace and listened the Cliche Definitions of Success and fell in love. A couple months later we all met for the first time at their show at 12th & G. It was Walter Mitty, Joyce Manor, Summer Vacation and Horror Squad.. epic gig. They played as a 3 piece acoustic with the Budweiser cooler makeshift drum set. I like being able to pin point the day I heard about them and the first time I met them. I miss seeing them play at VLHS, their shows in particular were the ones that made me feel the magic of that warehouse. I'm super grateful for Walter and all the cool stuff we've accomplished together. Happy birthday Cliche!