saoirse dream joins lauren records! new song "sellout" w/ soupandreas out now! 27 June 2022

Hi everyone! Super excited to be working with saoirse dream on some new songs. Her song "sellout" with soupandreas is out now! DIY rooted hyper pop from pdx. If you have a moment today, check it out!


About saoirse dream: Originating as an outlet for home-recorded demos & acoustic emo ballads, saoirse dream is the solo creative endeavor of songwriter/producer Catherine Egbert. While she boasts a musical background sure to make any casual listener bewildered (see: dream pop albums, EDM remixes, dad rock cover bands), saoirse dream is the product of Egbert’s obsessive stylistic precision - and calculated infectiousness. Put simply: her music is a monument to a lifetime of performance. saoirse dream’s signature bubblegum melodies, blaring guitars, and confessional lyricism intend to blur the line between the popstar and the indie darling.