Melody is back as "Career Woman" with new single and music video! 1 June 2021

Last year we had the pleasure of releasing Melody Caudill's EP "Teacher's Pet", and now she's back with a new name and a new song!

Career Woman is the new moniker for 17 year old Melody Caudill from Los Angeles. Her first single, "Balcony", is an honest expression of Melody's feelings of isolation among her peers. She feels the push and pull between feeling alone, yet finding comfort in being a wallflower. It's a beautiful and melancholic track about figuring out who you are.

You can stream the song here, but also be sure to check out the lyric video Melody made! We have a lot of exciting things coming up with Career Woman, welcome to the journey!


We Signed Sad Park!! 16 April 2021

Today we're excited to announce our newest Lauren Records signee, Sad Park. The Los Angeles trio writes infectious punk anthems reminiscent of Jeff Rosenstock, PUP, and Prince Daddy & The Hyena. With the signing announcement were sharing two new songs, "I Should" and "Over and Over". You can listen to the songs and fall in love with the band here. New record out later this year!

Antonioni "S/T" out today!! 26 March 2021

Today Antonioni put out their debut full length record! If you're looking for poetic and pleasant indie rock, this record is for you.You can stream the record everywhere, and we have vinyl for purchase on our web store.


New Signals Midwest 7"! 23 March 2021

We're excited to share a new 7" from Signals Midwest! The first track,"I Used To Draw", is an energetic and nostalgic anthem about losing touch with practicing open-ended creativity as you grow up. It serves as a reminder to let yourself create freely! The second track is the band's take on Wild Pink's "Wizard of Loneliness". So good! The band is self releasing the vinyl, so stream the songs and pick up the vinyl below to support them directly!


Closer "Within One Stem" out today! 12 March 2021

Today Closer is sharing their new record, "Within One Stem" with the world! This record showcases the bands melodic capabilities without sacrificing any of heavy drive of their previous work. We have vinyl available for purchase and you can listen digitally everywhere!


Adult Mom "Driver" out everywhere TODAY!! 5 March 2021

Really excited to share Adult Mom's, "Driver", with you in its entirety! This one has been in the works for a while and now you can listen everywhere. It's a wonderful record and we have vinyl available for purchase!


Maxwell Stern releases B-side from "Impossible Sum" 3 March 2021

We all loved Maxwell Stern's 2020 record, "Impossible Sum" and he's got one last track from those sessions to share with us! "I Reached Out to The City" is a heartfelt song about the nuances in friendship and the effect time has on it. Be sure to check out the music video too. "I Reached Out to The City" is available everywhere now for your listening pleasures!


I Reached Out To The City

New song + album from Fishboy! 3 February 2021

Today Fishboy shared the first single from their upcoming record, "Waitsgiving", out April 2nd 2021. The track, "Snocone Creator" tells the story of a boy exercising his creativity by creating a new snow cone flavor for every song he hears on the radio. It shows the struggle and reward from pushing yourself to create. Each song on "Waitsgiving" gives a different character narrative surrounding the story of a town's time capsule. There's an incredible story within this record and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you!


1. The First Waitsgiving (Waitsgiving Founder)
2.Greatness Waitress
3. Driver Choreographer
4. BBQ Artist
5. Bass Digger
6. Pyrotechnic Geriatric
7. Snocone Creator
8. Seventies Singer
9. The Last Waitsgiving
10. Volunteer DJ

Release Date - April 2nd, 2021

New song and album by Closer! 26 January 2021

Today Closer shared their brand new track "Angry Flood" off their upcoming album 'Within One Stem'! Influenced by heavy bands like Nine of Swords and Gouge Away as well as more melodic ones like At the Drive In and Rainer Maria; the song explores loss of love, overwhelming loneliness and confusion over non-binary personal identity. And as Stereogum calls it "Expressive, ambitious screamo." Stream "Angry Flood" and pre-order the record!


1. Ruins in Reverse
2. Landslide
3. Now Refused
4. Divide
5. Pawning a Laugh
6. Angry Flood
7. 937

Release Date: March 12th, 2021

New Adult Mom record announced!! Check out single, "Sober" 19 January 2021

Adult Mom is releasing their new record, "Driver" on March 5th 2021 with Epitaph! We have some of our own variants available too. The new single "Sober" takes a look at the harsh and intense feelings of reflecting on a relationship that has fallen apart. It's a catchy song and has a really cool animated music video you can watch here! We pressed the record on metallic gold and red w/ black smoke, and also have "Driver" on cassette!


1. Passenger
2. Wisconsin
3. Breathing
4. Berlin
5. Sober
6. Dancing
7. Adam
8. Regret It
9. Checking Up
10. Frost

Release Date: March 5th, 2021

Antonioni shares new song and announces debut record! 12 January 2021

Today Antonioni shared their newest single "Mouth Breather" and the music video for it! This single comes with the announcement of their debut record, "S/T", out March 26th 2021. The track is a "loser anthem" about accepting and celebrating yourself for who you are. It's This record deals with coping with personal traumas and uses classic stories to reframe the journey as something unique, but universal. The record itself is a journey, and we can't wait for you to hear it!


1. Mouth Breather
2. Shiver
3. Malcomer
4. Mary Bell
5. Puck
6. They Never Greatly Flew
7. Strange 2 Them
8. Please Make This
9. Nothing in the Dark
10. Bramble

Release Date - March 26th, 2021