Diners' new album "Leisure World" is out now!! 24 April 2020

Diners - Leisure World

Out today!!

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to say, Diners' new album "Leisure World" is finally out! This album has been a long time in the making for Tyler and I'm really glad everyone can hear it now. If you have a moment today, please take a listen! You can find it on your preferred streaming service here.

Diners is performing on their Instagram Live every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 7pm PST. Tune in @dinersmusic as they play the entire album tonight!

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Check out Diners' New Song & Video "Big Times" Out Today 7 April 2020

Leisure World out 4/24

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Did you know Tyler Blue Broderick was on an episode of Young Sheldon? While they didn't get much screen time, it still lit some inspiration for their new song "Big Times" now streaming everywhere! They also have a new, goofy video out, poking a bit of fun at Hollywood. Check it out for a good smile, and pre-order Leisure World out 4/24!

"It’s the American Dream: move to Los Angeles with high hopes, scan Craigslist for a little too long, and move away with a trove of songwriting material dealing with the absurdity of the entertainment capital of the world. This is a part of the story behind Leisure World, the new record from Diners, with their latest single “Big Times” encapsulating the “high-hopes” portion of this arc. Over minimalist guitar and MIDI beats, Tyler Broderick recites what they refer to as “lighthearted” and “naïve” takes on Hollywood dreams." -FLOOD

The record is available in opaque yellow or clear with white and blue smoke. On top of that, we've partnered with HEY! Cafe in New Orleans to create a custom Diners roast. All of this and more is available for pre-order! Check it out, and pre-save Leisure World now!

Listen to Same's new single "Bluish" streaming today 31 March 2020

Plastic Western out 5/8


Guess what?! You probably already guessed from the title, BUT Same's new song "Bluish" is now streaming everywhere! "Bluish" is the second single from Same's upcoming, debut LP Plastic Western (out 5/8). The band spent years tinkering with the track, and we are so excited to finally share it with you today! It's about the unnerving feeling of being alone in a crowd full of people, and the excessive impulse we have to pull out our phones the second we start to feel uncomfortable. Sometimes we need a reminder that it's okay to be alone though and that's just what "Bluish" is about!

"Pittsburgh’s Same cast a sepia tone across a ‘90s DIY-indebted style of indie rock. Their debut LP Plastic Western is at times range-y and raucous, but it also spends a lot of time being thoughtfully languid, dreamy in a night-under-the-stars kind of way. “Bluish,” ... falls into the latter category. It’s kind of like a conversation you might have with yourself, realizing halfway through that you don’t need to answer your own questions out loud. You can just stare out the window and let the thought ruminate until you’re finished with it." - The Alternative

We have sunglasses, keychains, cassette tapes, and even more available for pre-order, so make sure you check it out while you stream the track!


Listen to Maxwell Stern's (Signals Midwest) new song "Water Tower"! 24 March 2020


Did you lose track of what day of quarantine you're on? Don't fret, we have something to pick you up a bit! Maxwell Stern just released a new song titled "Water Tower". You may recognize Stern from Signals Midwest, Timeshares, or even Meridian; but did you know he has a self-titled solo project? It's what Brooklyn Vegan calls, "warm and jangly, and basically Signals Midwest meets Paul Simon in ALL THE BEST WAYS!

Stern shared that "Water Tower" is about mindfulness and allowing yourself to have emotional and mental space. "Sometimes it’s nice to just chase something and figure out where you are once you get there." Stern said. Check out the wholesome video and stream the track now!

100% of all digital revenue on Bandcamp will go directly to our artists today (3/20)! 20 March 2020

100% of all digital revenue on Bandcamp will go directly to our artists today (3/20)!


Hello friends!

We hope everyone is doing alright, and keeping safe! Everybody has felt the effects of COVID-19 in one way or another. To help artists affected by COVID-19, Bandcamp is waiving all fees for artists today (3/20). We are following suit, and giving artists 100% of the revenue on all digital sales today. This means that 100% of any money spent on our Bandcamp today will go directly to the artist! We hope this will help a little for the artists who have lost their income due to tours or shows being canceled, as well as the ones who have felt the effects with their day-job.

That being said, we know everyone is struggling right now, which is why we have lifted price guidelines and made everything on our Bandcamp name your own price. Donate what feels good to you, if you have the means. With your donation you will receive a unique code that will allow you to take 20% off a future purchase in our webstore. Throw a couple bucks down, mix your crush a self isolation playlist, and then treat yourself to a cozy new sweatshirt. You deserve it!

We appreciate everything you do for our artists and the label, thank you for your endless support! We are wishing you well!


Listen to Diners' new song "Learning Curve" 18 March 2020

Listen to Diners' new song "Learning Curve"

New Album - Leisure World out 4/24

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Hope you're feeling well! While the world is a little unsettling right now, we are excited to share Diners' uplifting new track "Learning Curve". It is the second single from their upcoming album Leisure World out 4/24.

Tyler Blue Broderick shared: "'Learning Curve" is a song about trying your best and not beating yourself up when you make mistakes." Radiating meditative energy, the groovy track is perfect for taking a momentary break from life. Heaven knows we could all use one right now.

The record is available in two beautiful colorways: opaque yellow or clear with white and blue smoke. On top of that, we've partnered with HEY! Cafe in New Orleans to create a custom Diners roast with flavor notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and apple pie. While 4 ounce bags are priced at $6 a piece, the blend is practically begging you to try it out. All of this and more is available for pre-order. Check out the bundles we have available, share the track, and take care of yourself out there!

Same - "It's Lonely In Doggy Hell" + Album Pre-Order 5 March 2020

"It's Lonely In Doggy Hell" NOW STREAMING

Plastic Western out 5/8


"It's Lonely In Doggy Hell" is the first single from Same's upcoming LP Plastic Western (out 5/8). The single has an unintentional apocalyptic feel to it but in a “oh well what can you really do” about it way, just like life. With lofi, groovy melodies, the track takes listeners on a journey and is a great peak into what you can expect from the record. Check out Same on tour this summer and pre-order the album now.


1. It's Lonely in Doggy Hell
2. Bluish
3. Landlady
4. Make It So
5. Shoot It
6. ¿Cómo está la serenidad?
7. Osho Tapes
8. Cherry Pull 'N Peel
9. Plastic Western
10. To The Infinitive
11. 2094 US Open
12. Must've Hit Your Head


Diners announce new album 'Leisure World' + single "Cup of Coffee" 20 February 2020

Diners - "Cup of Coffee" Now Streaming

Leisure World out 4/24

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We are excited to announce that Diners will be releasing their newest album Leisure World on April 24th. First single, "Cup of Coffee" is now streaming everywhere. Leisure World draws on the most enduring aspects of pop’s past with technicolored melodies. Check out the video for "Cup of Coffee", directed by Ambar Navarro (CUCO, SWMRS, Soccer Mommy).

"The single is a catchy introduction to what awaits fans on Leisure World... The entire affair is delightful, with the song’s smooth jazz and Broderick’s instantly memorable lyrics becoming a smooth-listening earworm that you’ll likely find yourself humming the next time you grab a cup of joe." - The Grey Estates

Pre-order the album now and catch Diners on tour later this month.

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Tour dates:

2.24 - Oakland, CA at The Golden Bull
2.28 - San Francisco, CA at Bottom of the Hill
2.29 - Sacramento, CA at 1231 D Street
3.1 - Reno, NV at The Holland Project
3.2 - SLC, UT at The Beehive
3.3 - Fort Collins, CO at the Flower Bed
3.4. - Kansas City, MO at Farewell Transmission
3.5 - Iowa City, IA at Trumpet Blossom
3.7 - Chicago, IL at House of Heavy Petting
3.8 - Minneapolis, MN at Caydence Records & Coffee
3.9 - Sioux Falls, SD at Luigi's Mansion
3.10 - Omaha, NE at Drips Coffee
3.11 - Denver, CO at Nude City Relief Center
3.12 - Boulder, CO at House OTH
3.13 - Laramie, WY at The Greenhouse
3.24 - Oakland, CA at Starline
3.31 - Oakland, CA at 1234Go!
5.1 - Phoenix, AZ at Lunchbox (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW)

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Algernon Cadwallader hit #8 on Vulture's 100 Best Emo Songs 13 February 2020

Algernon Cadwallader #8 out of 100 Greatest Emo Songs

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Vulture just shared their list of the "100 Greatest Emo Songs of All Time" and Algernon Cadwallader scored a spot at number 8 with "Some Kind of Cadwallader". Check out what they had to say about the track below:

"If it weren’t for Algernon Cadwallader, the late-aughts emo revival would be a lot more mopey and a lot less fun... The influences of Cap’n Jazz and American Football can be heard everywhere but especially so in “Some Kind of Cadwallader”: the flailing yelps, the sunny guitar slides, the muddled mentions of punch stains on a tuxedo shirt... Algernon Cadwallader predicted what every teenager getting sucked into the emo revival would find themselves saying at night, driving home from a gig at the local rec center, aware of a newfound budding love: “Oh man, it’s taking me over.” And there’s nothing you can do about it." —Nina Corcoran

New Adult Mom // "Berlin" Now Streaming 13 February 2020

Photo by: Daniel Dorsa

Adult Mom - "Berlin" Now Streaming

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Adult Mom just released a catchy new single, "Berlin" in support of their upcoming tour with Palehound. Stevie Knipe explained, "'Berlin' is a song that took over a year to write. It’s about processing the loss of an important friendship without knowing the exact cause of the loss... It’s about being in between healed and not, and trying my best to calculate the reasons why she left."

See what people are saying about the track:

"With the inclusion of keys, soft acoustic work, and Knipe’s tender vocals, one can practically feel the emotional height of their heart grappling with this loss. The confusion of wanting to fully understand why someone would leave is reflected in the track’s final moments, as vocals are laid atop one another, looping and gently cascading into silence." - The Grey Estates

"“Berlin” is all warm tones and ruminative memories." -Stereogum

Stream the single and catch Adult Mom at the following dates:

2/27/2020 Richmond, VA @ Richmond Music Hall
2/28/2020 Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle - Back Room
2/29/2020 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade (Purgatory)
3/1/2020 New Orleans, LA @ Banks St. Bar*
3/3/2020 Dallas, TX @ Ruins
3/4/2020 Austin, TX @ Barracuda
3/6/2020 Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge
3/7/2020 Los Angeles, CA @ Junior High
3/8/2020 Los Angeles, CA @ Junior High
3/10/2020 San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord
3/12/2020 Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
3/13/2020 Seattle, WA @The Sunset Tavern
3/14/2020 Vancouver, BC @ Fox Cabaret
3/18/2020 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
3/19/2020 Kansas City, MO @ The Rino*
3/20/2020 Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St Entry
3/21/2020 Chicago, IL @ Schubas
3/22/2020 Ferndale, MI @ Loving Touch
3/24/2020 Toronto, ON @ The Garrison
3/25/2020 Montreal, QBC @ Bar Le Ritz
3/26/2020 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
3/27/2020 Washington, DC @ Songbyrd
3/28/2020 Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle
4/9/2020 Boston, MA @ The Sinclair
4/10/2020 Burlington, VT @ ArtsRiot
4/11/2020 Portland, ME @ Space 538

* - Adult Mom only

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Blowout - 'No Beer, No Dad (Redux)' OUT NOW 10 January 2020

Blowout - No Beer, No Dad (Redux) STREAMING NOW


Blowout's re-mastered version of No Beer, No Dad is finally out. Re-mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated producer, Jack Shirley (Deafhaven, Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock), the group's 2016 debut has never sounded better. With extreme precision and clarity, the redux shows Blowout at their best. There's no better way to beat the mid-winter blues than by cracking a cold one and feeding off the group's never-ending energy. Try it for yourself. Don't forget to grab a "Sleepy Cat" shirt while they are still in stock, and get an instant download of the album for free.

Sleepy Cat

Stream/Shop now!

Blowout is:

Laken Wright- bass,vox

Travis King- guitar

Brennan Facchino - guitar

Nick Everett- drums


Blowout - Guts Grown Up (Redux) 10 December 2019


Blowout is BACK and writing their next album! In the meantime, the group is releasing a remastered version of their iconic 2016 debut, No Beer, No Dad. While many have grown to love the fuzzy, lo-fi feeling of No Beer, No Dad, the redux shows the group at their best. Re-mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated producer, Jack Shirley, every note, every harmony, and every drum hit is pronounced imagitivily to give the record an entirely new feel for fans to fall in love with all over again. First single, "Guts, Grown Up (Redux)" is now streaming! The redux will officially be released on January 10th. New shirts are also available, and come with a free download to the single, and a pre-order to the album!

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Blowout is:

Laken Wright- bass,vox
Travis King- guitar
Brennan Facchino - guitar
Nick Everett- drums