Joyride! - "S/T"
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Joyride! - "S/T"
$7.00 - $20.00

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Track Listing:
1. Shot In The Dark
2. Two Truths And A Lie
3. Social Studies
4. Below
5. City Slicker
6. Resilience
7. The Weather
8. Sell The House
9. Keep Your Keepsakes
10. Roll For Damage

Recorded at the Atomic Garden with Jack Shirley.

"this is 10 tracks of poppy punky goodness. it oozes honest confession out of every orifice while kicking out jams harder than Green Day with 5 minutes left. a lot of these songs would fit into the pop-punk style of rock but doesn't have the silliness than can come that tag. the songs aren't too serious but they're not goofy. it's mature sounding while still sounding fresh and cathartic. the songs are fast, bouncy, and will make you feel happy/touchy/sensitive/vulnerable/confident/strong. those are all the feelings i feel when i listen to this release (yes, there is a difference between touchy and sensitive). the drums are quick and jerky and really propel the songs forward. natural, simplistic playing and songwriting gives a lot of elbow room for the singer's melodies to shine through. these melodies get stuck in your head. never cheesy nor campy, the rhyme schemes never go dull on her. for me many of the catchiest lyrics are the ones that you don't expect, the words that have to come out, the idea that has to be finished, something that doesn't have to and won't fit into the rhyme scheme. natural flow has to be just that, natural. i get a lot of that from Joyride!. i like the feeling of "anything goes, let's just have fun" but it comes with an exception. don't let the obnoxious ones have any fun. they're too loud and they always clog the toilet and never tell anyone about it. it shouldn't be "anything goes" for obnoxies, those jerks need rules. Joyride! is far from the obnoxie spectrum. even if i hadn't ever met any of 'em in person, the music could tell me that they're very anti-obnoxie, conscious or not. Joyride's aura of authenticity is thick enough to smoke and actually make you think you feel something. the way everything recording is awesome and it sounds great. i wish there were some back-up vocals or harmonies in some of these songs but Joyride! really isn't about that and they dont' need it. my suggestion is stupid. forget about it. my favorite song is the one with just the guitarist singing and playing alone. you can really hear how powerful her voice is when everything is so stripped down. lastly, i like the song where i, the listener, become a book being read by someone else. it would be great if it were that easy." KYEO SPEAKS

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LP: First Pressing: 300 Black
CS: First Pressing: 100 White

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