Summer Vacation - Discography CS
$5.00 - $6.00

  • Summer Vacation - Discography CS

Summer Vacation - Discography CS
$5.00 - $6.00

27 tracks, everything summer vacation has recorded that is not the "do me a favor demo" or "condition."

split w/ joyce manor 7"
i think we should stay away from each other comp LP
songs about betrayal EP
angry at the world EP
winter break EP
condition b-sides

1. super orgy
2. don't panic
3. the many faces of mental chillness
4. children aren't the answer
5. da guardians
6. a song about betrayal
7. i saw you standing there
8. a reason to do anything (tell me)
9. hybrid moments (misfits - traditional)
10. i love you, chair
11. anual
12. powerlines
13. it's cool like a fool in a swimming pool
14. skin and bones
15. i don't know
16. sex cells
17. tiffany sucks
18. domo
19. i won't be (when i'm 102)
20. avatar in 3d
21. happy new year
22. it's like having your cake and eating it too
23. i love you, man
24. Nervous Tic
25. Amphetamine (Everclear)
26. Rich Kids
27. God Is A Crime

Pressing Information

First Press: 50 Blue/50 Black
Second Press: 100 Purple
Third Press: 100 White
Fourth Press: 100 Clear
Fifth Press: 100 Green

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