Mike Huguenor - "X'ed"
$1.00 - $20.00

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Mike Huguenor - "X'ed"
$1.00 - $20.00

Release Date: September 4th, 2020
Ship Date: Est. Late September

X’ed is an inventive instrumental record that proves guitar music is far from dead. This is Mike Huguenor’s first solo effort (you may recognize his work with bands like Shinobu, Jeff Rosenstock, Hard Girls, and more). Using just two acoustic guitars, and one electric, he explored every aspect of the instrument’s capabilities. An all-guitar pop record that uses familiar song structures to bring music to new places.

LP Notes:
- Translucent blue vinyl
- Includes download card

1. The Superpostion Of States
2. X'ed
3. Slight Blue
4. Mitch McConnell's Funeral
5. Irruption
6. Evening Light Seen Through A Window
7. 22 Bird Ave
8. Quick Shot
9. Enoch Soames
10. Sea Wolf

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Pressing Information

First Pressing
500 Translucent Blue